2020 Texas Emergency Management Awards

2020 Texas Emergency Management Awards

Texas Emergency Management Conference

2020 Texas Emergency Management Awards

May 18 - 21, 2020

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
San Antonio, Texas

General Information
The Texas Division of Emergency Management
(TDEM) will present individual awards at the 2020 Texas Emergency Management
Conference (TEMC), held May 18 – 21, 2020. All awards focus on recognizing citizens, emergency management professionals and organizations for outstanding service within the emergency management community.

Nomination Submission
Nomination forms must be filled out completely
to be considered, with justifications limited to
2,800 characters. Attach a short biography and
a picture (head-shot) of the nominee with the nomination.

The deadline to submit nominations is Friday,
April 1, 2020.

Award Contact Information
Please direct any award nomination related questions to the TEMC Awards Coordinator, via email at: TDEM.Conference@tdem.texas.gov.

Thank you for your interest in nominating well deserving individuals! We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio.
Award Categories and Nomination Procedures
Each individual award category contains unique nomination criteria and should include specific facts, achievements, and examples showing how the individual or team is exceptional. Achievements should distinguish the nominee from peers.

Nominations must be submitted by a TDEM assistant chief, TDEM state coordinator, local emergency management coordinator, mayor, county judge, fire chief, law enforcement director or EMS director unless otherwise noted.

Award Categories

Texas Emergency Management Council Agency of the Year Award
This award recognizes outstanding support provided by an agency to the communities of
Texas during disasters. This includes providing public awareness to the community and actively participating in local and statewide exercises.
Provide specific examples of accomplishments of any of the council agencies supporting the state of Texas during disasters or emergency.

Nominations may be submitted by any member of the Emergency Management Council.

Texas Emergency Management Hometown Hero
This award recognizes an individual, group or Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster (VOAD) that exhibited extraordinary service and leadership in helping fellow residents at an emergency situation, disaster or crisis scene. Provide specific examples of:
Extraordinary service and leadership during time of crisis, disaster or emergency.
Must have performed these acts not as a part of a first responder or emergency management career profession.

Texas Emergency Management Hall of Fame
This award recognizes significant achievements during an individual’s emergency management career.
Provide specific examples of:

  • Significant contribution to the profession of emergency management.
  • An original project, activity or program that has impacted the state of Texas’ emergency management response.
  • Examples of nominee’s mentorship of others in emergency management.

Texas Emergency Management
Partnership Recognition Award
This award recognizes a business, nonprofit, school, hospital or government agency for contributions to their local community. Nominees should demonstrate a significant commitment to creating a strong partnership with the local government officials and participation in local community preparedness initiatives.

Provide specific examples of:

  • Non-monetary contributions to the local community during an emergency event in support of recovery.
  • Strong partnership with the local government officials.
  • Participation in the local community in preparedness and mitigation initiatives.

Texas Emergency Management Leadership Award
Awarded by the TDEM Chief, this award recognizes an individual, within or outside the formal emergency management community whose outstanding achievements demonstrated a positive and dramatic change in emergency management departments and/or the community.

Dr. Charles Bauer Texas Emergency Management Medical Professional of the Year Award
This award recognizes medical professionals and their contributions to emergency management. Contributions may include incident response, disaster planning or other provision of healthcare or instructional preparedness.
Provide specific examples of accomplishments and contributions which significantly bridge emergency medicine with emergency management.

Texas Emergency Management Spouse of the Year
This award recognizes a spouse who not only contributes to emergency management by supporting their spouse but also makes their own contributions to emergency management community.

Provide specific examples of:

  • Contributions in emergency management supporting their spouse’s emergency management duties.
  • Direct assistance in an affected area during times of crisis.
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