Careers with TDEM and Texas A&M

The Texas A&M University System is one of the largest systems of higher education in the nation, with a statewide network of eleven universities, eight state agencies and a comprehensive health science center. The A&M System is committed to providing an educational and work environment that is conducive to the personal and professional development of each individual employee. Equal opportunity and access will be provided throughout the A&M System to all students, employees, and prospective employees.

Enhanced Benefits on a Salary of $52,000/$25/hr

Benefit State Private Sector
Insurance Premium (653.76/m0) $7845.12 No
Vacation Leave (96 hours) $2400.00 $1000.00 (40 hours PTO annual)
Sick Leave (96 hours) $2400.00
Paid Holiday Leave for 15 days (120 hours) $3000.00 $1800.00 for 6 days
Parking ($300/month) $3600.00 No
Comp Time (Max of 240 hours) $6000.00 No
State Social Security Contributions of 6.2% Salary $3224.00 $3224.00
Longevity Pay – Beginning with 2 Years of Qualified State Service ($20/mo) $3224.00 $3224.00
Medicare Tax (1.45%) $754.00 $754.00
Total $29,463.12 $6778.00

Additional Benefits at TDEM

  • Opportunity to earn Disaster Compensatory Time which can be paid out at the agency’s discretion.
  • Sick Leave Pool Program that provides for paid sick leave for catastrophic conditions subject to eligibility.
  • Donated Sick Leave Program
  • Administrative Leave: up to 32 hours per fiscal year subject to eligibility.
  • Bereavement Leave: 5 days [$1000.00]
  • Military Leave: up to 15 days of paid leave per fiscal year. [$3000.00]
  • Employer paid $7500.00 basic term life coverage.