Contracts & Purchase Orders

Contracts & Purchase Orders

In accordance with Texas Government Code, Chapter 2261.253(2), the statutory or other authority under which the below contracts were not competitively bid under Subdivision (1) is entered into without compliance with competitive bidding procedures is Texas Education Code Chapter 51.9335, Best Value.

AB0528798 Blackboard Mass Notification System Covid 19

AB0530887 Director II Travel COVID (Peak Performers)

AB0531951 Temp Janitorial Services – La Posada COVID (Texas Building Services)

AB0532116 TDEM Server Capacity Upgrade COVID-19 (JHC Technology)

AB0532741 Director II COVID (Workquest)

AB0532937 TDEM-TAMHSC COVID-19 Modeling (TAMHSC)

AB0533367 TDEM-TEEX COVID Support (TEEX)

AB0533823 TDEM-TEES PPE Testing (TEES)

AB0533888 Technology Support COVID (ESRi)

AB0534099 TDEM Warehouse COVID Security (Bexar Security & Patrol)

AB0534405 WebEOC Modules (Juvare)

AB0538093 Video Conference Webinar COVID Support (GovConnection)

AB0538093 WebEx Teleconferencing Solution Covid 19

AB0541266 Info Technology Services COVID Support (ESi)

AB0560661 TDEM PPE Tracking System Covid 19

AB0561282 TDEM Warehouse COVID Security (Watchmen Protective Services)

AB0564239 AuditorII-III

C2020-1713 TDEM-TAM Agrilife COVID Support (TAM Agrilife)

C2020-1714 San Antonio Warehouse Additional COVID Space

C2020-1727 TDEM-TAMU Agrilife Data Transport (TAM Agrilife)

C2020-1887 Alternate Care Site Harlingen (SLSCO)

C2021-2212 Alternate Care Site El Paso (SLSCO)

COVID-19 Testing

Food Services Food Banks Contracts (Multiple)