Disaster Summary Outline (DSO)

Disaster Summary Outline (DSO)

What is a Disaster Summary Outline?

As soon as possible, all jurisdictional departments should begin gathering response costs and initial damage estimates. These figures need not be exact but are necessary to complete the Disaster Summary Outline (DSO). The DSO is the first snapshot TDEM receives regarding the extent of damages.  The DSO is used as a basis for obtaining a Presidential Disaster Declaration. DSOs will automatically be sent to the State Operations Center (SOC) through the form.

The DSO is located at https://dso.soc.texas.gov/

Residential Losses

This information is used for Individual Assistance (IA) and will be needed for inclusion of IA Federal Declaration as well as scheduling IA Preliminary Damage Assessments (PDA)

Enter residential losses based upon the categories identified.  Do not put numbers in the Totals row.  The category numbers will total automatically.

Additional information regarding how to categorize damages can be provided if needed.

The icon beside the damage being reported defines the term

If the DSO is being updated, the TOTAL number must be submitted.

For example:  If the first DSO listed 50 Affected mobile homes, and the update is to include an additional 50 mobile homes, a TOTAL of 100 mobile homes must be entered. The totals at the bottom will self-populate.

Individual Assistance Example: Residential Losses - Primary Residence Only

What is a “business”?

If they file taxes on a type of business, report self-employment taxes or has a non-profit or sales tax return, they are considered a business.

This helps determine Small Business Administration (SBA) assistance.

Do not put numbers in the Totals row.  The category numbers will total automatically

Individual Assistance Example: Residential Losses - Business Losses/Impacts