To support and enhance the state’s preparedness by helping communities and state agencies implement a self-sustaining exercise program that improves their ability to prevent, respond to and recover from disasters.

COVID-19 Impact Update


The Exercise Unit has postponed all regional exercises through May 15 when we will assess the situation.

Regular services provided by the exercise team continue.

Please be advised the exercise coordinators are working many hours in the State Operations Center during the COVID-19 Response Activation. Please leave them a message or send an email to TDEM.Exercises@tdem.texas.gov. One of the team members will contact you in a timely manner.


TDEM Regions 1 and 3

Rory Halpin  Rory.Halpin@tdem.texas.gov  (512) 739-9158


TDEM Regions 2 and 4

Jana James  Jana.James@tdem.texas.gov  (512) 574-7685


TDEM Regions 5 and 6

Michael Grubb  Michael.Grubb@tdem.texas.gov  (512) 578-9172


Program Supervisor

Sabine Gumm  Sabine.Gumm@tdem.texas.gov  (512) 221-4539

New – For EMPG-funded jurisdictions:
Full-Scale and Triennial Full-Scale Exercise Credit for COVID-19 Response
EMPG-funded jurisdictions can request full-scale or triennial full-scale credit for their COVID-19 Response. We developed a COVID-19 After Action Report and Improvement Plan template for your use and guidance. While the use is not mandated, it is highly recommended.  The AAR/IP template ensures that the response documentation fulfills all the exercise criteria as described in the FY-2020 EMPG guidance.

Exercise Postponement
If you are postponing exercises, please notify us via email at TDEM.Exercises@tdem.texas.gov.

For any questions or guidance, please contact the exercise team.


TDEM designs, conducts, coordinates and evaluates emergency exercises at all levels and with a wide range of partners. TDEM also supports and monitors local compliance with Emergency Management Program Grant (EMPG) exercise requirements.

Texas Recovery Housing Seminar for EMPG-funded Jurisdictions  In coordination with the Texas General Land Office, TDEM has developed this seminar for jurisdictions so that they can meet EMPG requirement to exercise the Housing Core Capability. Use the Seminar Summary Report template to guide the discussion after the seminar. Fill in the report and submit it to the Exercise Unit.

Emergency Management Institute (EMI) Virtual Tabletop Exercise Series (VTTX)

All About Exercises

Training and Exercise Planning Workshops

Exercise Reporting Information and Forms



Sabine Gumm, Unit Supervisor
(512) 424-2447