Integrated Preparedness Planning

Integrated Preparedness Planning

Integrated Preparedness Planning

Integrated Preparedness Planning Workshop (IPPW)

The purpose of the Integrated Preparedness Planning Workshops is to use the guidance provided by senior leaders to identify and set exercise program priorities and develop a multi-year schedule of exercise events and training activities that align with other planning efforts to meet the jurisdiction’s/organization’s preparedness priorities.

The process confirms the:

  • Coordination of whole community exercise initiatives
  • Prevention duplication of effort
  • Promotion the efficient use of resources
  • Avoidance of overextending key agencies and personnel and
  • Maximization the efficacy of training and exercise appropriations

The Integrated Preparedness Planning Workshop participants review and consider various factors such as:

  • Jurisdiction-specific threats and hazards (example, Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, and local risk assessments);
  • Areas for improvement identified from real-world events and exercises;
  • External requirements such as state or national preparedness reports, homeland security policy (example, the National Preparedness Goal), and industry reports; and
  • Accreditation standards (example, hospital accreditation requirements), regulations, or legislative requirements.