Molecular Testing

Molecular Testing

COVID-19 Molecular Rapid Test Program

To assist in the surveillance and tracking of COVID-19 in County Jails throughout the State, the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) will distribute Cue COVID-19 test instruments at no cost to the counties. Agencies that participate in this program will be required to be trained on proper testing protocols, including test administration and reporting of results as required by law.

This program will provide participating facilities with Cue COVID 19 test cartridges, readers, quality control swabs, product training, and will resupply Cue COVID-19 test equipment provided to the State of Texas by HHS while supplies are available.  These rapid tests are for the exclusive use and control of the participating facilities and can be used for intake purposes, testing of staff, testing prior to visitation or other uses.

This program’s key mandate is the required state and federal reporting when a test cartridge is used.  Participating organizations will be required to report Cue COVID-19 test results through their own Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) waiver reporting process or through TDEM’s CLIA waiver reporting process.  Organizations reporting through an existing process will need to send an email to that effect and provide their CLIA number. Using both processes simultaneously is unacceptable as it will lead to double reporting.

Participating agencies will identify staff members to be trained to administer the tests and report the results. All testing of employees must be voluntary and not a condition of employment. Agencies will also be responsible for establishing appropriate policies for addressing positive Covid-19 test results of employees and persons in their custody, including the notification of local health departments.