Plan Guidelines and Toolkits

Plan Guidelines and Toolkits

The following links provide useful information about and tools for emergency operations plan development.

Local Emergency Management Guide
This guide is intended primarily for use by local officials responsible for developing and maintaining local emergency planning documents, including the basic emergency management plan and annexes for their jurisdiction.

Preparedness Standards for Emergency Management in Texas
This document outlines standards that jurisdictions must meet in order to achieve the Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced level of preparedness. It integrates concepts from the National Preparedness Guidelines (NPG), National Incident Management System (NIMS), National Response Framework (NRF), the Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 101 (CPG 101), and the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP).

Emergency Management Director/Coordinator Notification
This form is used to notify TDEM of the manner in which a jurisdiction provides an emergency management program. It also identifies the person who manages the program and additional required information as applicable.

Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Membership Update Form
This form is used to notify TDEM of membership and/or membership updates to a Local Emergency Planning Committee.

Inter-jurisdictional Withdrawal Memo [TK]
Advance Notice of Withdrawal from an Inter-Jurisdictional Emergency Management Program
A jurisdiction may withdraw from an inter-jurisdictional plan by giving sixty days advance notice in writing to each of the signatories of the inter-jurisdictional plan and to TDEM.

The Planner’s Toolkit
The Planner’s Toolkit
This resource provides emergency operations planning guidance to Texas emergency management planners. The Toolkit contains all the information planners need to develop accurate, accessible and actionable emergency preparedness plans that meet the state’s and FEMA’s guidelines for comprehensive plans.

FNSS Toolkit
Functional Needs and Support Services Toolkit
This resource provides guidance to assist planners in understanding the requirements related to sheltering children and adults with and without disabilities who have access and functional needs in the state of Texas.

Effective Communications Toolkit
Effective Communications Toolkit
This resource is designed to provide information to first responders and emergency managers about interacting with people with disabilities as well as to identify and engage key leaders and stakeholders from the local disability community.