Real-World Incident Documentation

Real-World Incident Documentation

Real-World Incident Documentation

The TDEM exercise staff has developed After-Action templates to enhance documentation of real-world incidents.

These templates follow best practices and can be modified to meet local needs.

Full-Scale and Triennial Full-Scale Exercise Credit for COVID-19 Response

EMPG-funded jurisdictions can request full-scale or triennial full-scale credit for their COVID-19 Response. We developed a COVID-19 After Action Report and Improvement Plan template for your use and guidance. While the use is not mandated, it is highly recommended.  The AAR/IP template ensures that the response documentation fulfills all the exercise criteria as described in the FY-2020 EMPG guidance.

Exercise Postponement

If you are postponing exercises, please notify us via email at For any questions or guidance, please contact the exercise team.