State Deployment and Reimbursement

State Deployment and Reimbursement

What is State Disaster Reimbursement?

State Disaster Reimbursement Section (SDRS) – Reviews claimant expense reimbursement requests for compliance with State and federal requirements and guidelines. Is a sub-grantee to the State as “TDEM City.”


The State Disaster Reimbursement Section will effectively and efficiently manage State of Texas funds appropriated to the Texas Division of Emergency Management for response to and recovery from events/disasters in accordance with the statues and regulations of the State of Texas and the United States of America.


  1. Process eligible claims for emergency services and materials in an accurate and timely manner and present them for payment to the funding authority.
  2. Support providers of emergency services and materials through training and procedures to assist them to most easily submit accurate and complete claims.
  3. Function as FEMA disaster grant applicant for TDEM City.

How do I get Reimbursed?

SDRS Reimbursement Packet/Process:

  1. First, include a copy of the mobilization (approved ICS 213 Form) and demobilization orders, brief narrative of services and tasks performed, and contact information.
  2. Second, submit copies of records documenting eligible expenses incurred:  Activity Logs (ICS214s), Crew Time Reports, time cards/sheets, shift calendars, pay stubs or payroll journals, itemized receipts and invoices, travel vouchers, contracts, other bills, proof of equipment ownership, local policies, etc. You will also need to submit proof of payment for all costs claimed for reimbursement.
  3. Complete and submit the SDRS Reimbursement Workbook
    1. If you do not have any costs for a particular category then enter “$0.00”
    2. Use Force Account Labor Summary Record tab, to summarize labor expenses.
      1. Shift information should be included in deployed labor tab and backfill tab.
      2. Hourly rates claimed should agree to rate indicated in proof of payment. Hourly rate calculation methodology should be included if rate claimed does not does not agree with pay stub.
      3. Fringe benefit rate claimed should agree to rate indicated in Benefit Cal tab.
    3. Use Force Account Equipment Summary Record tab to calculate and document equipment expenses. Use FEMA’s most current and applicable Schedule of Equipment Rates to determine the fair and reasonable rates for equipment at time of deployment.
    4. Use TDEM Form Materials Summary Record, to document use of and purchase of supplies and materials to support operations.
      1. All material costs claimed, including any repair costs, must be documented (e.g., itemized receipts, proof of payment, etc.) and a brief narrative that explains how the cost is justifiable and reasonable within the scope of the operation must be submitted.
    5. Use Travel Summary Record tab, to document travel expenses.
      1. Fuel costs are not eligible for reimbursement for any equipment listed in the Force Account Equipment tab.
      2. Google maps or other supporting documents should be submitted when claiming mileage for personal vehicles.
      3. Written justification should be provided if per-diem rates claimed are higher than the maximum rate allowed per local policy and/or state or Federal guidelines.
    6. Use Contract Work Summary Record tab, to document contractual expenses.
    7. Use Rented Equipment Summary Record tab, to document rented equipment expenses.
  4. Submit your request for reimbursement packet to or mail your documentation to:

State Disaster Reimbursement Section
Texas Division of Emergency Management
1033 La Posada Dr, Suite 150
Austin, TX  78752

Once your request for reimbursement is received and all documentation is furnished, SDRS will perform a compliance review and contract you if additional information is needed.