State Mutual Aid Reimbursement

TDEM is implementing new processes and procedures for state mutual aid reimbursement!

If your jurisdiction has responded on behalf of the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) under a response program, TDEM has recently implemented some changes to the process. The newest information is listed below.

Mutual Aid Reimbursement Guide

Effective August 1, 2023, TDEM has published the new State Mutual Aid Reimbursement Guide.  This guide outlines how TDEM will perform compliance reviews related to state mutual aid assignments.

Updates to the guide include standardizing the following the information in the guide:

  • Equipment rates will be based on the FEMA rates in place at times of deployment
  • All costs will be reviewed against the deploying jurisdiction’s own policies
  • The timelines for submissions of reimbursement requests
  • Timelines for reviewing and responding to questions about reimbursement requests
  • Submission of all reimbursement requests will be done via TDEM’s Grant Management System (GMS)

The guide contains an acknowledgement statement that will need to be signed and submitted into the TDEM Grant Management System (GMS) when submitting.  This guide is effective August 1, 2023. Please contact TDEM's State Disaster Reimbursement Section or review the guide below for additional information.

Beginning March 1, 2023, TDEM will only accept the 2023 reimbursement workbook.  You will find a link to download the newest version below.

Reimbursement Workbook

The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) began efforts to streamline and create efficiencies in the state mutual aid reimbursement program in the Spring of 2022. This included the creation of a new reimbursement workbook. Several entities have already been using it and it has been revised and improved.

Beginning March 1, 2023 the newest version will be required for all state mutual aid reimbursement submissions. Click the button below to download the newest version.

NEW: Submit Reimbursements via GMS

On April 1, 2023, TDEM will require any reimbursement requests related to state mutual aid missions be submitted into the TDEM Grant Management System (GMS). To prepare for this upcoming change, TDEM will be rolling out training in the next few weeks on how to apply, register an account and submit a request into the system.  You can register for an account at See videos below for information.

Training Information

To assist our mutual aid partners with the process of submitting for reimbursement, TDEM is implementing training options via Zoom to go over all the changes and updates.

GMS and Program Overview training will be offered monthly. Register for GMS training here. Register for Program Overview Training here.

Training Videos

For more assistance with completing and submitting the reimbursement workbook, please refer to our video tutorial playlist below.


Future Changes

In the coming weeks, TDEM will also be rolling out a complete reimbursement guide for all state mutual aid programs.  You will find the guide here so please bookmark this page for future notices.

Additional Resources

To assist our mutual aid partners with submitting their information, we have developed some tools to aid you.

For any questions or if you need any additional information, you can email us at or contact either Unit Chief Mary Medina or Section Chief William Doyle.