TDEM Transforms Agency Website to Improve User Experience

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December 21, 2021

AUSTIN - The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) announced changes and upgrades to its website to improve user experience and allow faster access to important public information.

The upgraded site is structured to facilitate easier access to relevant information based on areas of interest to different users, and now features new quick links to key information on the homepage. It also displays necessary documents in a more efficient and simplified manner.

The streamlined site features hubs for individuals and families, as well as high-priority resources for emergency managers and local officials.

The revamped website aims to connect users with resources such as disaster information for current and past disasters through an online disaster web portal, links for the public and officials to report damages suffered during a disaster, ways to get involved after a disaster, and preparedness planning suggestions.

“Not only do these changes to our website improve the experience for emergency managers, but it will also help connect all Texans with important resources they may need before, during, and after a disaster,” said Texas Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd.

The site was designed to promote added accessibility for all Texans. TDEM’s site now has Spanish translation capabilities, and additional tools to improve access for the whole community. The website is optimized for mobile and tablet use.

“Clear, consistent, and accessible information is key in emergency management," said Seth Christensen, TDEM’s Chief Of Media and Communication. "Our new-and-improved platform was built from the ground up to ensure an enhanced user experience and quality of information delivery for Texans to use before, during and after disasters.”

The site also includes sections for the latest TDEM news, press releases, and social media channels. Visit TDEM's website at